Upgrading an ALICE Pack

ALICE packs are perfect for customizing to suit the user’s needs. ALICE pack parts are easy to find, easy to replace, and are affordable. Modifying the packs to suit specific wants and needs only makes sense. Ammo bags, tool holsters, radio pockets, and canteen covers are just few ways to improve the usefulness of the ALICE pack and belt. Modifying the packs even further makes them all the more functional.

Upgraded or modified ALICE packs, sometimes called Malice Packs, offer improvements in construction and implements to enhance the standard military-issued ALICE pack. High denier nylon fabric reinforces the high stress areas of the pack. Snaps and strapping on the three main outside pockets can be replaced with buckles to make accessing those areas easier and quicker. Hook and loop openings on the top flap can use a zipper, and a pocket can be added to the flap.

ALICE packs are known to be rugged and reliable, but not always comfortable. By using the ALICE pack platform with an external frame, switching out the waist belt and straps with MOLLE gear can redistribute the load to rest on the wearer’s hips and save the back.

High-capacity upgraded packs help you maintain organization and order to carry out your missions with the upmost efficiency. Soldiers and adventure seekers appreciate these qualities, and that is why the ALICE packs are still in use even today.